Our Muscle and Strength range contains a range of products designed to increase lean muscle mass, improve recovery and support strength gains. From high quality protein to more advanced all-in-one formulas, this range covers everything you need to help you get the very best results from your training efforts.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone looking for rapid and sustained improvements in strength levels and increased lean muscle mass.
  • Bodybuilders and athletes aiming to enhance their physique and strength performance.
  • Those looking to improve recovery from exercise or increase their daily protein intake.
  • Anyone searching for an ‘all-in-one’ supplement to enhance the benefits of regular exercise.


If you’re looking to boost immunity, cardiovascular or joint health then the Myprotein Health and Wellbeing range is the perfect option for you. We offer a huge variety of products to help you fight the stresses of regular training and busy lifestyles to keep you in top condition. With great value offerings on everything from fish oils and trans-resveratrol to Apple Fibre and Multivitamins, the range covers all the nutrients you need to keep you feeling your best all year round.

Suitable for:

  • Those looking for high quality vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • Athletes and recreational gym-goers looking to avoid injury.
  • Anyone looking to improve their overall health and boost their immune system.
  • Those who struggle to shake off colds, have low energy levels or would like to support healthy brain function.


Our Energy & Endurance range contains a variety of high impact energy sources for those involved in endurance training. In addition to our convenient ENER:GEL products, we’ve also created an advanced trio of nutrient-timing powders designed to maximise results pre, during and post-exercise in PRE:PARE, PROLONG and RECHARGE. Together, the range represents a great option for any cyclist, runner or triathlete looking to train harder for longer.

Suitable for:

  • Anyone involved in endurance events such as long distance running, marathons and triathlons.
  • Athletes seeking to improve endurance and speed performance.
  • Anybody looking for a convenient energy source to fuel their training and enhance energy levels.
  • Anyone looking to improve recovery after strenuous training and races.


Finding a weight loss regime that is successful, healthy and sustainable can prove to be a difficult task. The Myprotein Diet and Weight Loss range aims to make dieting more simple by offering a variety of safe and effective products designed to be used alongside a regular exercise regime. Whether you’re looking to reduce body fat with CLA, watch the carbs with Impact Diet Whey or boost your metabolism and energy levels with Thermopure, this is the ideal range to help you achieve the body shape you want.

Suitable for:

  • Dieters looking for great-tasting low calorie meal replacements.
  • Anyone looking to enhance fat loss in a healthy way.
  • Those searching for effective appetite suppressants.
  • Those seeking an effective energy boost when dieting.
  • Bodybuilders and athletes to offer effective support during a cutting phase.