Nutrition and physical activity are both important parts of gaining strength and losing fat. And both play an important role in fitness in the long run as well. But when we put analyze this in the right order nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body composition and physique goals than any other fitness component. When a combination of healthy food and exercise is put together is when successful body change happens.

It has been observed and noted that a person can change their body composition through diet alone without exercise. Applying the 20 percent fitness rule to 80 percent nutrition is simply a statement of the importance of nutrition.

While most mistakes this the other way round, it is important to understand how 80percent nutrition plays a huge role in fitness. This means that without exercising, you will not end up burning calories of the foods you eat and without food, you will not have the desired energy for exercise.
The 80-20 rule has been claimed by science and should be done right if healthy and sustainable weight loss is your goal. However, this does not mean that 80 percent of nutrition means you keep eating food all the time and exercise for some time only. 80 percent nutrition denotes a food plate which is a perfect blend of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals. Thus taking protein supplements such as whey and BCAA is also essential to fulfill the needs of the body.

The 80 percent nutrition intake is necessary to manage your calories. If you are a weight loss fanatic, by now you understand the basic concept of calorie in and calorie out. This means that you should burn as many calories as you eat.

It also indicates if you want to look good, applying 80 percent of your focus to eating right is the right way. Our physical and mental well-being is directly linked to what we eat and drink. The nutritional content of what we eat determines the composition of our cell membranes, bone marrow, blood, hormones, tissue, organs, skin, and hair. Our bodies are replacing billions of cells every day and using the food we consume as the source.
A well-balanced diet not only results in better health and overall body composition but because of the brain-gut connection, it can also make us feel great. Eating well is part of the strategy that can reduce our risk of any chronic disease and even improve the condition of our very genes.
We often don’t understand the nutritional content of our food, but do some research and find out what you’re really putting in your body when you eat certain foods. Awareness of the contents of our consumption is the first step in moving towards a healthier diet especially to know better about the fitness health product and therefore, a healthier body. Applying the commonly accepted recommendations such as low sugar, low salt, and a good variety of nutrients might be the most advisable for all of us. Paying attention to how much we are eating is another very important aspect of healthy nutrition — that naturally concerns us all. What we eat and how much we eat is important to know, but how we process it is perhaps even more essential. Through thousands of little sensors, the gut has the immense task of managing all the information contained in the food we intake. Food alone will not promise a thriving gut.
We have all seen the regulars at the gym doing the same thing day in and day out for several months or even years without seeing results in fat loss. They are not making any way in changing their body composition because they do not have a nutritional strategy. That is what is holding them back from reaching their fitness goals. Exercise without healthy eating is not a waste of time, but it is like swimming upstream, nutrition has the largest impact on body changes than exercise.

Losing weight is not difficult. You can limit eating food and lose all that weight, fat and inches in less than a week. In this manner, you will end up losing your health. Dull skin, hair fall, and indigestion are some of the effects that you will end up experiencing if you lose weight this way. Until you take quality health supplements or multivitamins to solve the problem.
Therefore, eating the right food is equally important and should not be digressed from just to reach your ideal weight faster. Weight loss, if done in the right manner, can lead to many benefits other than just a slimmer body.
Your body wants to stay the same; it’s very good at adapting to changing situations and keeping equilibrium in your body. The problem, when it comes to weight loss, is that your body will do whatever it can to maintain your current weight. Studies have found that people tend to eat more after exercise because either they assumed that they could afford to eat more or because they felt hungrier.
Besides, wanting to eat more, our bodies may make us move less throughout the day after a workout session as its way to compensate for the amount of energy you used in the gym with the pre and post-workout supplements. You may fidget less, want to take a nap, or stay seated
for longer periods of time – all of which could cancel out the hour of suffering you went through earlier in the day.
To conclude the eating vs. exercise is not to have you fear food. We all need calories, and not eating enough calories can actually affect the results. But, the food choices you make will determine the numbers on the scale, that’s the truth.

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